Vermiculite used for agriculture

Vermiculite is the natural mineral and has been used in various industries for over 80 years. It is used in industrial markets, agriculture, construction etc. Vermiculite is the mineralogical name which has given to hydrated laminar magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate which resembles mica in appearance.

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined and processed into puffy, lightweight granule which is mixed with soil to improve aeration and drainage.
Vermiculite for Agriculture
They provide highest quality agricultural vermiculite specially meant for agriculture purposes and it has the excellent properties to be essential component for seedling, planting, germination and cutting.
Improves aeration:
It loosens the soil so that the roots can easily reach down and grow through the soil. 
Enhances drainage: 
The small, round white particles of exfoliated vermiculite do not absorb water, each little bead creates a tiny pocket among the granules of soil. Water can easily flow through the soil and the roots. It is great for clay soils and helps to improve drainage in any area.
Adds Permanent Soil Conditioner:
Unlike compost (decayed organic matter), eventually breaks down into the soil, vermiculite does not break down. Compost does add vital nutrients, but if you need to improve drainage permanently then vermiculite is a great solution.
Slightly raises pH:
Vermiculite is a pH neutral, which is around 7.0 or so, but because of some compounds found within it, it can slightly raise pH, a plus for acidic soils.
Makes other mineral available:
Exfoliated vermiculite naturally reacts with soil compounds and makes the availability of other nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.
Most commercial potting soil comes Premixed with vermiculite, so there needs a purpose to add it. When you spread a bit of soil out, you can see a white bead in the mix. You can purchase bags of horticultural-grade vermiculite and work it into the agricultural soil according to the package directions too.
Heavy metal test results and harmful bacteria in Vermiculite stone of SCG Vietnam Joint Stock Company

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