Vietnam’s cashew exports rank first worldwide

Vietnam was the world’s largest cashew nut processor and exporter, accounting for 60 percent of total worldwide cashew nut exports, followed by India and Brazil.

Workers process cashew nuts for export. (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnamese cashew nuts, though undergoing any stages, are fragrant, delicious, and foreign things, whether they are dried or roasted, are fragrant, but the fragrance does not last long. And especially when making white kernel must undergo the process of moistening foreign cashew very aggressive, sour, uncomfortable nose. (The smell of smell is the best when making raw white cashew nuts

The first taste when eating Vietnamese cashew nuts is crispy, when the kernel starts to crumble in the mouth, the juicy taste starts to show up, the fat and the flavor of cashew nuts rise. When chewing all the kernels, the sound balance is good in the mouth, enticing us to continue the next grain.

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Basic Specs:

Moisture:5% Max
Broken: 2%max
Black spotted nut:1% max
Mouldy nuts -: 0.56% max
Rancid nuts :1% max
Mechanically damaged: 0.75% max
Immature nuts: 0.07% max
Void nuts: 0.55% max
Total defective nuts: 0.5% max
Extraneous matter : 0.06% max
NLSG/NLG: 5% Max
Afflstoxin: <5PPB

All individuals and organizations wishing to purchase cashew nut please contact SCG Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Add: No 3 lance 342/29 Ho Tung Mau, Phu Dien Ward, North Tu Liem District – Hanoi City, Vietnam

Mobile / WhatApp / Viber / Weachat / Zalo: +84937577666

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Website: www.vinascg.com

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