Rubber powder

– Sound insulation materials
Rubber powders are commonly used for noise reduction solutions in buildings as well as in outdoor constructions.
– Building materials:

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Rubber powder used as a solvent, can be added up to 30% in special concrete compounds. With concrete walls containing rubber powder compound will extend a lot longer life, in addition, with high elastic properties of the rubber will help these walls minimize tooits many cracking problems.
Besides, rubber powder has good properties with soundproofing and heat insulation, so it is widely applied in construction industry.
– Technical rubber compound

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Rubber powders mixed with suitable binding or vulcanizing materials will be applied to produce solid rubber products. The quality is comparable with the materials made from pure rubber but the price is much cheaper, contributing to a cleaner environment.
Some applications require the addition of extra virgin rubber in the mixture. Depending on the ratio, it can be replaced by recycled rubber. This saves a lot of costs for manufacturers while solving environmental problems.
Products such as rubber floor mats of all kinds, traffic cones, specialized wheelchairs, etc. are mostly made from 100% recycled rubber combined with additives.
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