SCG Vietnam Joint Stock Company (VINASCG) international transaction name SCG VIET NAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY is an enterprise specializing in trading, import and export of agricultural products, materials and materials for high-tech agriculture, flowers ornamental plants, raw materials for fodder production, materials for industrial production, brake pads raw materials, water purification materials for domestic use, materials for fireproof heat-resistant production, materials for construction industry construction and other production materials in Vietnam.
With the motto of ensuring “Prestige – Safety – Efficiency” for our customers is the most important thing to us. To achieve the goal of “Trusted Brand”, VINASCG commits to always serve you with the highest quality and prestige.
VINASCG has the strength of import and export due to a network of import-export business staff and collaborators who are residing in many countries around the world such as UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, India, China. , Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia … so we always have a variety of imported and exported products that ensure good quality and the most competitive price in the current market.
In addition to its strength in the field of import and export, VINASCG is currently the leading distributor in Vietnam for production materials such as Vermiculite, perlite, mica, wollastonite, petroleum coke, artificial graphite, flake graphite, MgO, phenolic resin, silica furme (Microsilica), Rockwool, fiberglass, Cellulose fiber,  steelfiber, sepiolite fiber, asbestos fiber A5/A6, andalusite, wolver lubricant, activated carbon coconut, BBQ coal, anthracite coal, pumice stone, Peat dutch organic foam, grow bags, processed coir peat, peat moss, Chilean moss ….paint Nippon, Jotun brand putty paint, paint Dulux, paint Isotex ….. with guaranteed quality and the best price on the market today.
VINASCG is very pleased to serve you!

Add: No 3 lance 342/29 Ho Tung Mau, Phu Dien Ward, North Tu Liem District – Hanoi City, Vietnam

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