Grown bag (Low EC)

Product specification:

+ Dry size: Length 97cm x 14cm x height 3-3.5cm (not exposed to water)

+ Moisture size: length 100cm x horizontal 15cm x height 10cm (when contacting water)

+ Dry weight: 1.7 Kg – 1.9 Kg

+ PH: 5.5 – 6.5

+ EC: 0.5ms / cm3

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Main material: 100% dried coconut shell is dried inside the oven with temperature up to 130 degree in the form of rectangular pieces, depending on the mold and the needs of customers at home and abroad

Grown bag is produced and packed in pallets. Covered with a 3-hole, 4-hole, 5-hole, black-and-white Pe-Peylong exterior (according to your order request)
Uses: Specialized in clean agricultural service, 100% non-chemical coconut fiber, specializing in growing tomatoes, melons, fruits and vegetables, …
The product is currently used at the top of high-tech agricultural countries, including Vietnam


<p>Grown bag is one of the most successful products currently used in agriculture<br />
Use: specializing in growing tomatoes, eggplant, melons, strawberries and different types of hydroponic vegetables.</p>
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