Sản phẩm nhựa Plastic

Production of products made from plastic types PP, PE, EPS, HDPE according to customer requirements.

PE plastic (Polyethylene): Characteristic:
– Transparent, slightly translucent, has a smooth, flexible surface.
– Good water and steam resistance.
– Waterproofing O2, CO2, N2 and grease are poor.
– Resistant to high temperatures in a short time.
– Easily damaged when exposed to aromatic oils or detergents such as Alcool, Aceton, H2O2 …

* PP plastic (Polypropylene) Characteristic :
– High mechanical strength (tensile and tensile strength), quite firm, not as flexible as PE, without stretching, thus being made into fibers. Especially the ability to easily tear when there is a small cut or a puncture.
– Transparent, high surface gloss for high printability and clear print.
– High temperature resistance
– Has the properties of waterproofing O2, steam, grease and other gases

HDPE plastic

– HDPE plastic has the ability to withstand heat, electricity and can withstand any pressure from the environment.
– HDPE plastic is extremely durable so it has a very high life expectancy.
– This resin has a very good corrosion resistance that can withstand strong chemicals such as salt and acids.
– HDPE products that are rust-resistant are not aging or old over time
– Not only can it withstand high temperatures, but HDPE can also withstand temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is often used as a conduit in cold places where ordinary plastics cannot. (Refer to How to choose HDPE-bearing twisted-plastic plastic pipe).
– HDPE plastic is quite light so it is used for household items.
– HDPE is quite flexible and has good elasticity, so many types of gradual pipes made from HDPE plastic can be bent enough to facilitate construction. Especially thanks to this feature, it is also used in factories in areas with bad terrain.
– HDPE plastic allows products made from it to be exposed to sunlight for a long time without cracking.
– Also HDPE can withstand fire.
– Resistant to a lot of pressure or strong bumps.


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